Social responsibility report -ZHEJIANG ENJOY&WONDERFUL INC.

Source: ZHEJIANG ENJOY&WONDERFUL INC.Release time: 2022-07-14

1.Report preparation specifications

The social responsibility report of ZHEJIANG ENJOY&WONDERFUL INC. reviews the ideas, systems, measures and achievements of Jinhua Wandefu Commodity Co., Ltd. in social responsibility practice. With regard to the disclosure of this

(1)The scope of the report

Timeframe of the report: January-December 2021
Report release cycle: Annual release

(2)The objectivity of the report content

This report is prepared completely based on the actual production and operation of the company. The content is objective and fair without false information. It is published regularly to accept the supervision and guidance of the society.


Thinking first, running and competing constantly, and those who bravely stand at the forefront of the tide will always be the leaders of the times! With the economic tide of keeping pace with the times, Wandefu has turned a new page. Since its establishment, Wandefu has experienced nearly 20 years of wind and rain. From a small workshop factory to now, it has become a well-known commodity manufacturing enterprise in China. This is the result of the tempering of the market economy and the love and support of friends from all walks of life.

We uphold the business philosophy of creating value-added for customers, profit for shareholders, happiness for employees, and wealth for society, and aim at building a major production base of domestic high-quality daily necessities as our development goal. We are committed to developing green daily necessities recognized by the market and consumers, saving energy, reducing emissions, and eliminating waste, so that the quality, technology, and market share are in the leading position of the same industry in China. Strictly implement PDCA control process to prevent the generation of non-conforming products and ensure product quality, so that Wandeford has a strong vitality.

Every day the sun is new and every day is a new starting point. For the future, Wandefu will promote the sustainable development strategy. We look forward to working hand in hand with domestic and foreign merchants in a broader field, constantly expanding the development space of products and industries, and are willing to work with friends all over the world to create a better future!

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